Work, money, business – No pain, no gain!

Work, money, business – No pain, no gain!

We have well and truly galloped into the New Year, but if you were slow to set your 2017 resolutions – then why not take advantage of the Incoming year of the rooster. So in the sprit of Chinese New Year we thought we try and read into AdZouk’s Chinese horoscope for 2017.


Being born in 2011 that makes AdZouk a Metal Rabbit 

Ambitious, observant, responsible, sophisticated and hard working, the Metal Rabbit is the most stable and the most robust of Rabbits.

 So how do the odds stack up for our warren of bright eyed and bushy tailed AdZoukers’? During 2016 we prided ourselves on navigating the ever changing digital landscape, which is no small feat with many companies falling prey to the economic conditions, just like wild rabbits their survival depends on an intimate knowledge of its surroundings.

 The trick is, knowing when to be bold and venture out into the open, and knowing when to stay warm in our burrow. They say there is safety in numbers, and how true that is, as 2016 saw us increase our herd [Abed & Baha] by two new members bolstering our Publisher and Advertising teams. We are proud to have such a diverse and young bunch, ensuring that we always land back safely on our feet.

 Work, money, business – No pain, no gain!

 A Year of the Rooster is often marked by brilliant success for those who have endured with patience the draining and often solitary build-up of an innovative business project. Which spells good news as 1Tag grows from strength to strength, changing the way digital media is traded here in the MENA.

2017 allows us another platform to showcase what we are capable of, and to put value on the experience and the knowledge we have gained over the previous years.

 The professional success comes together through our core partnership with the likes of StackAdapt and SuperAwesome, as well watching our pioneer technology (1Tag and POD video) that was launched at the GCPP 2016 Summer Challenge.

 But the year of the Rooster also tells us to be precautious in our growth, but thanks to wise Rabbits’ among us [Jamie and David] who navigate the details of every new investment we will continue to grow steadily year on year. More business trips are on the cards, leading to new opportunities for development with both Advertisers and Publishers.

 The AdZouk family – Our close-knit herd

 Health seems to be the only red flag for our horoscope this year so we will put away all sharp objects, restrict Jamie from using the banister to descend the stairs and ask Sandesh to go easy on his new top spin serve and body shots (particularly on visitors) during table tennis matches.

 Enjoy the Lunar New Year everyone – we hope you enjoyed this this fictional blog.

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