Being able to create and control

Being able to create and control

Our industry needs to clean up its act by moving away from buying inventory that supports ad placements repeatedly being placed next to poor, cheap and fraudulent content.

As we continue our blog series on brand safe environment, we thought it best to touch on the 5 biggest issues facing our industry in this programmatic era (Bots, fraud, Brand safety, Control & Viewabilty) – regardless if you are a publisher, an agency, a media supplier or a brand, you should be able to implement real solutions not a quick fix.

What we [as an industry] should be interested in first and foremost is control: to be more specific it’s about being able to create and control, create what you want, create viewabilty through ad placements, whatever it is, you should have control through creation.

Clients and brands have strong demands, and rightly so. As touched in our previous blog with what happened to some of the big media players recently – and if Google can’t completely control this, how can we? [as local, regional and global digital professionals]

Slide courtesy of: Christos Solomi, OmnicomMediaGroup Programmatic – 1Tag Agency event presentation

Our industry needs to clean up its act by moving away from buying inventory that supports ad placements repeatedly being placed next to poor, cheap and fraudulent content. Also, being judged on media centric KPI’s (CPM’s, CPC, CTR rates), we risk spiralling out of control as an industry. We must redefine the goal posts and start implementing smart metrics that are more connected to business goals and outcomes. Finally, increasing the % of ad dollar received by the publisher would guarantee a shift of mindset, whereby the publisher would therefore reinvest back into quality inventory and content.

“That’s why with the 1Tag solution, as a buyer, I can use it to buy my DSP and send it direct to the publisher. I know exactly what I’m buying and there is very very little clutter, so by the time the ad $$ reaches the publisher he’s not getting pennies he’s getting dollars.”

Christos Solomi – Executive Director, MENA 

Innovative ad-tech is key!  

1tag is a platform that allows you to create inventory on demand and trade that media in a matter of minutes. Giving publishers like the Mail Online UK absolute control of their advertising. As a result, they are able to build and monetise more of a 1Tag media.

AdZouk is now giving advertising agencies the 1Tag platform, for their trading desks to use internally, by creating more ad placements, controlling viewabilty and ensuring a brand safe environment – and it is not limited to an AdZouk supply source.

Through 1Tag’s platform, advertisers can now identify specific content they wish to be associated with, and create their own bespoke ad placement that is essentially 100% exclusive to them! The drag and drop functionality that is user friendly and fully customisable, allows the media buyer to move the ad unit wherever they choose to.

Image: Jamie Atherton giving a live demo of 1Tag platform, drag & drop ad units into a publisher page – AdZouk’s 1Tag for Agencies event.

We can create all of these layouts and bespoke ad units, and trade them programmatically within minutes. 1Tag can either be used as stand alone ad server, or in conjunction with your existing SSP. It drives traffic, measures smart metrics and of course ad placements, it is all done in one place – this is an industry solution that benefits everyone.


Stop bombarding. Start engaging.

Create inventory on demand within seconds

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