Mobile Video Advertising

Mobile Video Advertising

Video advertising is now the new norm on mobile, as a result of new technologies, the simplicity of sharing and the relatively low costs associated with success. Video advertising if executed correctly can spur millions of views within a short period of time. However, it’s essential to have the right blend of creativity and to truly understand the human mind.

Content is king in video as much as it is within articles, if not more so – since video has the ability to combine both visual and quality content elements. The average CTR of video ads is just over 1.80%, which makes it the highest of all digital ad formats. ROI on video is impressive. According to, over 70% of users who watched an explainer video about a product subsequently bought it, while 77% of consumers were convinced of buying a product or service after watching a video.

This means, engaging video content has the ability to build trust, which is key to sales. As inbound marketing slowly takes over the old and dying pushy sales approach, it is paramount to provide information that would lead a consumer to seek your products and services, especially in the age of mobile.

Mobile video views have increased by a staggering 233% in the last 4 years – according to Lifestyles are dictating the manner in which we consume content, and as our daily life becomes more intertwined with our smartphones, video consumption continues to rise as well.

With inspirational technology being introduced continuously, marketers can expect mobile devices to take a central position in the advertising conversation in the coming years. Non-intrusive mobile experiences coupled with dynamic animations and ad delivery that merges with consumers locations and activities will be the key driver to explore new ideas for mobile ad units. This advance in industry technology is demanding that marketers educate themselves constantly. GCPP companies such as AdZouk are giving publishers control via a technology that helps them create video ad units for their advertisers on their mobile devices within seconds, and are trading within minutes.

According to, it is projected that worldwide mobile ad spend will stand at $110 billion between 2015 & 2017, meaning 2018 will be an essential year for mobile marketing to seize its share of media allocations.

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