Advantages of partnering with a GCPP

Advantages of partnering with a GCPP

A Google Certified Publishing Partner (GCPP) is an organisation recognized by Google as being an expert in publisher support with AdSense, DoubleClick for publishers and DoubleClick Ad Exchange – all Google certified tools. This badge is only granted to a very specific group of companies with a verified skillset.

For organisations to be considered eligible for a GCPP – the highest digital benchmarks must be met. a) Demonstrates expert knowledge of Google’s publisher solutions and/or can complete training b) Consistently bring in new clients and grow relationships c) Have happy customers as demonstrated by satisfaction surveys d) Committed to maintaining a healthy ads ecosystem, and e) Willing to show the Certified Publisher Partner badge on your site – who wouldn’t?

Once these conditions are met, and your organisation is certified as a partner, it enjoys the following benefits:

  1. Access consulting, technical support, and partner management services from Google
  2. Be introduced to new clients by Google to help grow customer base
  3. Use the Certified Publisher Partner badge to stand out from others
  4. Grow business with access to tools that help manage multiple clients
  5. Hone expertise in Google products with customised training

Publishers are increasingly looking to partner with Ad-tech companies, to access their tools for different reasons and utilize their expertise in various fields within the digital realm. A lot of companies claim to be partners, however to be sure,  just visit this Google page, and sort by country.


AdZouk’s fully committed to being at the forefront of digital advertising, whether through its innovative products, using enhanced technology or advances towards programmatic media in our PMP, with a wide range of premium digital ad products, from interactive rich media to pre-roll video, AdZouk also offers unique content and product-recommendation widgets as part of its monetisation strategy for high-traffic websites, mobile sites and apps from leading brands.

Our most recent offering – 1Tag, was recently nominated for the GCPP business innovation award in New York, a tool that is changing the way ads are trading – its a placement-on-demand functionality that gives publishers the flexibility to create & control ad units in seconds and trading in minutes, within a brand-safe environment. It also provides publishers with a One-time tag implementation. It’s features allow publishers and agencies to set the targeting for keywords on each campaign level. Also, on fraud prevention, it’s a simple checkbox to select whether or not you exclude all fraud from the campaign.

Within 6 years of its inception, AdZouk has managed to become a Google certified publisher partner and is now offering publishers an innovative Google-nominated piece of tech, of the highest caliber, that is assured to address the current challenges they are facing.

Image credit: Pierre Javelle & Akiko Ida

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