Digital Media in the UAE

Digital Media in the UAE

The UAE leads the region in technological advancements. According to the Arab Media Outlook report which was launched at the Arab Media Forum; the media market is set to grow from $2 billion to over $2.2 billion by next year. 91% of residents own a smartphone, while 89% accessing the Internet daily. The report shows that spending on advertising is set to increase by 2.5 percent annually between 2016-2018.

84% of residents go online using a mobile rather than desktop, with primary services focusing on searches (mainly through Google), social networking via Facebook, Instagram and YouTube Videos. The UAE ranks second in global Internet penetration, behind the Netherlands and ahead of Sweden, Australia and Germany, respectively.

The Dubai Press Club (DPC) and the Dubai Media City (DMC) launched the report that details a view of key markets in the region, with a focus on future trends in the media industry over the next few years. It also provides data on digital and mobile -paid media and advertising-funded revenues, highlighting trends, growth drivers and the challenges this industry faces.

The main shift to digital media lies mainly on youth, since they make up 50% of the population, further driving growth via media content interaction. This youth participation is helping transform the marketing landscape as social media influencers are increasingly asserting themselves into marketing campaigns.

National Day SM post 2016-3DIGITAL ADVERTISING

According to, the largest advertising market in the Middle East remains the UAE, as evident by the $531 million spent in 2015, more than $200 million than Saudi Arabia. This makes the UAE rich with data when it comes to ad spend

With the ever-increasing number of internet users in the UAE, the digital marketing environment and continuous shift from traditional print media deeper in to the technological scope, it will be vital for publishers, advertisers, advertising agencies and brands to invest in the latest marketing technologies on offer in order to keep up with this changing market.

AdZouk is proud to have been a key driver for the UAE market within the tech-related digital advertising industry. We continue to offer our range of powerful, easy to use, integrated services; Advertisers can engage and enhance audiences by delivering campaigns that are relevant, appealing, thought-provoking and data-driven. Publishers are able to ultimately drive the unique traffic and achieve more engaged audiences and revenue.

We look forward to another 5 UAE national years of growth and prosperity for this beautiful country.


Image credit: Pierre Javelle & Akiko Ida

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