Our Mission & Vision

In early 2011, a simple observation was made: the real time landscape, and the data surrounding it was ultimately transforming the way in which consumers behaved online, so why haven’t advertisers and publishers adapted to this change in the MENA region?

AdZouk is on a mission, to “Konnect” people with brands, and create a more engaging world, one campaign transformation, at a time.

For AdZouk, 2015 has been jam packed with new endeavours, fantastic new solutions for our clients, massive growth, and celebration. Popularity in new technologies have fuelled the growth all across the MENA, our unique ad serving solutions, are now reaching more advertisers, publishers, countries, and engaging more people than ever before. Here’s a snapshot of some of those impressive numbers.


AdZouk’s Highlights


Impressions monthly


Campaigns served last quarter


Unique visitors


Avg CTR – Display


Avg CTR – Rich Media


Avg CTR – Preroll


Avg CTR – Native
(In-feed, In-image, In-display, In-content, In-video)

AdZouk’s Top MENA Countries

Country Monthly reach
Saudi Arabia 143,904,149
United Arab Emirates 95,842,753
Egypt 85,203,856
Qatar 29,929,301
Morocco 25,975,869
Jordan 24,948,721
Bahrain 24,130,474
Kuwait 24,082,216
Algeria 21,446,907
Tunisia 16,741,980
Lebanon 15,786,137
Iraq 14,390,315
Palestine 13,935,509
Oman 11,621,917
Syria 9,532,700
Sudan 5,310,350
Turkey 4,715,256
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