Australian Publishers – take back control!

Australian Publishers – take back control!

In 2016, an average of 65% of Australia’s digital advertising on mobile, tablet & desktop inventory was bought through programmatic or ad networks. The remaining 35% of all ad impressions were bought directly, not through programmatic buying.

Programmatic is no longer optional, its rather a necessity as evident by the growing number of Australia’s leading publishers moving in that direction.

Programmatic advertising, as everyone in our industry should know by now, is the automation of digital advertising. The advertiser simply allocates a budget aimed at a target audience for a specific campaign, and their ads are automatically placed on digital sites where the intended target audience encounters them.

As humans continue to incorporate machine learning in to digital advertising, it’s advisable for publishers to uphold Google’s 5 factors of Ad viewability where 50% of ad pixels of a preferably vertical & above the fold ad unit, with relevant content – are in view on the screen for at least 1 second.

2In addition to ad viewability, it’s vital for advertisers to ensure humans, within a brand-safe environment, are viewing their brands. As competition between publishers for advertisers budgets increases, investment in innovative technology that gives publishers the power to create and control is essential if they are to remain competitive – and that is exactly what 1Tag guarantees.

1Tag gives publishers full control to choose where ads are to be displayed. Its features allow them to exclude negative content, fraudulent sites, non-human impressions and bottom of the page spaces.

It is programmed to detect, identify and exclude all forms of invalid ad traffic. It ensures advertisers’ ads are displayed within a brand-safe environment and are being viewed by humans.

Additionally, this piece of ad-tech gives publishers the power to omit content their advertisers deem non-suitable, inappropriate and damaging to their brand. Its features also dismiss fraudulent traffic and bottom page spaces in real time on an impression basis.

Furthermore, 1Tag puts the control of ad viewability in Publishers hands with its intuitive drag-and-drop functionality. This tool enables publishers to choose the exact size and position of the ad, in all formats, without compromising the page layout.


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