Part 1 | Brand safe environment

Part 1 | Brand safe environment

The “environment” or landscape which an ad inhabits is just as vital as who it reaches, maybe even more so.


The advertising industry as a whole has been slow off the mark to put in place effective control filters and offensive content safeguards, which would ensure brands a safe, premium environment. This comes as advertisers are re-evaluating their digital buying plans, as our industry reacts to the market shift on brand safety and the pitfalls of automated advertising.


It’s easy to pass the buck and point fingers (todays society is particularly gifted at this) clearly YouTube and Google are just the tip of the iceberg, but shouldn’t this latest incident with online brand safety make all of us in the ad tech industry, (agencies included) need take a good hard look in the mirror, are we just as culpable?


When you take the human element out of the equation you are left with algorithms, the autopilot of online advertising – which can be a great tool, but when does automation become counterproductive?  Just like the latest driverless car incident, machines still lack the nuances of humans, so why has our reaction to take the wheel and avoid the accident been so sluggish? We should keep in mind that it was the news story in the Times of London that uncovered the issue of ads linked to dubious content.


We believe that the ad tech industry can and should instigate real change by investing in technology that allows both publishers and advertisers to operate within a brand safe environment. “At AdZouk we have been working with the latest innovative technology  – known in the market as 1tag, it’s a game changer for media buyers as it gives them control of their inventory, and allows them to place the ad anywhere they want on a page. When advertisers partner with1tag they have guaranteed control and brand safety. It’s technology like this that the industry is crying out for, putting the brands and marketers back in the drivers seat. Jamie Atherton – Managing Director” 


1tag_MediumColFor advertisers 1Tag acts as a placement on demand functionality that creates inventory on demand, within seconds! It has transformed the way advertisers and agency trading desks do business, as it allows them to shoot multiple deal id’s with publishers, giving them the ability to streamline the entire process and create supply on the go. Advertisers can get the right ad formats in front of the right audiences, when and where you want it. With placement on demand 1Tag conforms to Google’s 5 factors of ad Viewability and bring more ads in view -which creates high view rates, increased performance and ultimately a higher eCPM for Publishers.


Stop bombarding. Start engaging.

Create inventory on demand within seconds

Yes, I’m in!




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