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Press photographs of AdZouk’s Dubai HQ, United Arab Emirates.
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In early 2011, a simple observation was made: the real time landscape, and the data surrounding it was ultimately transforming the way in which consumers behaved online, so why haven’t advertisers and publishers adapted to this change in the MENA region?

It was this observation that inspired Jamie, David, Mark and Guy, to create a vision for returning value back to advertisers and publishers – the “AdZouk” experience is driven by innovative and world leading technology that generates value with your data, rather than simply creating more of it!

With our range of powerful, easy to use, integrated services, Advertisers can engage, and enhance audiences by delivering campaigns that are relevant, appealing, thought provoking, and data driven. Publishers are able to ultimately drive more unique traffic, and achieve more engaged audiences, and revenue.

AdZouk is on a mission, to “Konnect” people with
brands, and create a more engaging world, one campaign transformation, at a time.

Tier 1 agencies in the MENA truest AdZouk to deliver client ROI for their digital ad campaigns

Pioneers and innovators in premium online advertising in the Middle East since we launched back in 2011.

The first and only Google Certified Publisher Partner in the MENA region!

2700+ Publishing partners including CNBC Arabia, Arabian Money, AOL.

The most premium MENA brands use our demand site platform; including Master Card, Emirates Airlines, Ford, Microsoft, Nestle, BMW, and many more.

Jamie has been at the forefront of Digital Advertising in the Middle East for the past 10 years, leading our team while developing new offices across the region and pioneering new programmatic technology to be used throughout the MENA.

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Jamie – Managing Director & Partner

One of the original AdZouk founders, David is the finance guy. With a background including GSM and Telecoms, he has worked with both start-ups, but is equally capable within the corporate environment. David brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the AdZouk team.

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David – CFO & Co-founding Partner

A serial entrepreneur, Guy founded AdZouk with Jamie, Mark and David back in 2011. He has been seeing to the company’s business development front ever since, and has seen the company grow to become the MENA’s key digital advertising hub, as well as his own portfolio’s leading company.

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Guy – Director of Business Development & Co-Founding Partner

Mark GattySaunt lives and breathes content. He is the Director of Publishers at AdZouk and one of the original founders. Mark is also a founder of SyndiGate, the MENA’s leading content marketing agency, which works with hundreds of leading publishers. With over 13 years experience in the Middle East online industry, Mark has been leading AdZouk’s publisher department, recruiting hundreds of premium publishers, as well as managing those relationships.

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Mark – Director of Publishers & Co-Founding Partner

Office 406, Loft Office 2
Entrance C,PO Box 215192
Dubai Media City
Dubai, United Arab Emirates


Its rather straight forward, but this how to refer to us:


Not adzouk (all lower case – is a bit plain Jane) or Adzouk Advertising, especially not AdZouk Ad Network #JustCallUsAdZouk

If you want to be formal then, it’s: AdZouk Advertising FZ-LLC., also note that AdZouk (TM) is a trademark. But enough of the formalities just call us AdZouk – we prefer working on a first name basis anyway!


Introducing the new kid on the block, Konnect [Bil Arabi] for those of you who don’t speak Arabic, it means connect “in Arabic”. But just to keep things simple; just refer to it as Konnect.

Not konnect (all lower case – it just looks wrong) or connect (we spelt it with a “K” for a reason, it wasn’t a typo) #KonnectWithUs

If you want to be formal then, Konnect falls under AdZouk Advertising FZ-LLC., It is a secondary brand, this new platform is very much part of our family.

Here are our logos that are available to download for use. We have one rule; please don’t get creative with them!



Our brand is preferably displayed in colour, but we use the black and white version as well – We want you to see us after all!




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