What it’s like to be Yasmine Al-Turk @AdZouk

What it’s like to be Yasmine Al-Turk @AdZouk

She reveals what it’s like being the only woman in the office, and what it takes, to keep up with this super woman!


What are you doing here @AdZouk?

Yasmine: Building Relationships with Tier 1 and Boutique agencies, and educating them about Native Ads and mobile advertising through new platforms such as “Keek”, as well offering our various solutions that can be customised to a client’s specific requirements.

Cecile:  So, what were you doing before you were at AdZouk?

Yasmine: Building new partnerships and working to introduce new offerings at Boost Communications to meet the market’s trends.

Cecile: What do you get up to in your spare time?

Yasmine: I will admit that I am slightly fitness obsessed, so i’m regularly in the gym, but I’m all for a healthy balance, and I fill that time with my family after work… Weekends are for socialising, within the media industry, with friends. I also have two adorable dogs who keep me busy and active!

Cecile: When do you feel the most creative?

Yasmine: At night, I’m definitely a night owl – random ideas always pop up!

Cecile: What’s the best advice you’ve ever been given?

Yasmine: Patience is a virtue, and there’s no need to analyse why things happen, and if there’s a meaning behind it.. Just learn from it and move on!

Cecile:  What else should we know about you?

Yasmine: I am a fun loving and caring individual. I strongly believe in and promote team work, and i’m proactive with clients.

Cecile: What’s it like being the only woman in the office?

Yasmine: The #LADzoukers keep me busy!! Its been great so far, maybe im getting some kind of special treatment or something 🙂

Cecile: What’s your take on this years IWD theme Yasmine#PledgeForParity?

Yasmine: I would encourage everyone to really work towards closing the gender gap, especially here in the media and advertising industry. They say gender equality is going to come about in the year 2133… We need to seriously fast track the progress of gender parity!


Check out Yasmine on our AdZouk team page for her bio, or read another related blog on IWD

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