AdZouk’s’ Next Generation demand side platform (DSP) combines intuitive technology, powerful ad bidding and unrivalled real-time optimisation.
By merging the data driven precision of programmatic buying with the disciplines of Search and Content Marketing, AdZouk enables Trading Desks, Networks and Advertisers to reach audiences with native ads.

At AdZouk we’re fully committed to being at the forefront of digital advertising within the MENA region. Whether its innovating products, using enhanced technology or advances towards programmatic media in our PMP, AdZouk considers itself a pioneer within the region’s digital landscape.

Designed for Ad Viewability

Ad Viewability seems to be at the core of current day digital discussions. It’s a topic that as a multi publisher ad solutions firm we take seriously, and believe there’s a growing importance for publishers to ensure their ads are seen across both display and video.

AdZouk already boasts

90% view rates across Arabic video
InPage video specifically CPVM product, carries a 100% view rate.

What’s more, all of our solutions are delivered within a brand safe environment.

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