AdZouk Launches ‘Konnect’
Regions First Arabic Only Content Recommendation Platform

Dubai, UAE, 25 January 2016: Always at the forefront of digital advertising for the Middle East and North Africa, AdZouk has introduced ‘Konnect’, a native content recommendation platform,solely in Arabic.

As a premium MENA SSP, AdZouk designed“Konnect” to give advertisers and other clients that wish to promote their content the ability to target exclusive audiences specific to their brand via a number of cutting edge formats that can be managed and analysed in real time.

Jamie Atherton, Managing Director for AdZouk said, “We pride ourselves on being the first, true Arabic content technology in the region. This new solution will make digital advertising work harder and smarter for our Arabic clients. As we continue to push the boundaries in the industry we believe Konnect is the next step in transforming online advertising in the region.

The Konnect technology incorporates a Recommendation Engine with the ability to create recommended content for audiences, based on their preferences and the relevance to the current content they’re engaged in. Inventory can be suggested based on geography, demography and device type. In addition, the inventory is 100% transparent so that advertisers can reach the whole network, specific domains or even specific placements under a domain.

The Konnect platform also provides clients that want to promote their content access to numerous native advertising formats including Content Recommendation Units such as classic, scrollable, in-ad, siderail, in-text and infeed.

The Self Serve Platform providesadvertisers with the ease of managingeach campaign, budgets and the overall account. Impression and click tracking can easily be implementedand individual remarketing codes can be created to keep tracking users and increase ROI.

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About AdZouk

AdZouk, a premium SSP in the region, was founded in February 2011. Adzouk currently comprises thousands of premium websites and was built to meet the growing demand for a premium MENA Supply-Side-Platform, that competes with global standards.

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About AdZouk

In early 2011, a simple observation was made: the real time landscape, and the data surrounding it was ultimately transforming the way in which consumers behaved online, so why haven’t advertisers and publishers adapted to this change in the MENA region?

It was this observation that inspired Jamie, David, Mark and Guy, to create a vision for returning value back to advertisers and publishers – the “AdZouk” experience is driven by innovative and world leading technology that generates value with your data, rather than simply creating more of it!

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