AdZouk and StackAdapt Launch
Regions First Video Native Advertising

DUBAI, March 2016: AdZouk, a premium MENA SSP,and StackAdapt, pioneers in native advertising technologyare expanding their advertising solutions with the launch of the first VideoNative Advertisingplatform in the MENA region.

Joining forces in 2015, the powerful duo first introduced Programmatic Native Advertising to the Middle East to allow advertisers to tap into the native advertising ecosystem to buy premium placements with the efficiencies of real-time bidding. Now, new and existing StackAdapt users will be able to promote their videocampaigns using the same technology.

“The demand for video advertising has been overwhelming, and it has been particularly strong in the MENA region. It’s been in the works for a while now, and we are excited to go live with the product and are very fortunate to be working alongside a strong partner like Adzouk”, said Vitaly Pecherskiy, COO of StackAdapt.

Since the official partnership announcement last summer, Adzouk and StackAdapt have helped over 20 brands run more than 100 campaigns in the MENA region.

Jamie Atherton, Managing Director, AdZouk said, “Given the success we’ve seen working with StackAdapt to date, we are positive this new video solution is exactly what our advertisers will be looking for next. We always strive to remain at the forefront of digital advertising and video native advertising will offer our clients the chance to promote their video campaigns creatively, to a hyper-targeted audience.

At launch, AdZouk’s video native advertising offering is available across MENA countries.

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Notes to Editors:

About AdZouk

AdZouk, a premium SSP in the region, was founded in February 2011. Adzouk currently comprises thousands of premium websites and was built to meet the growing demand for a premium MENA Supply-Side-Platform, that competes with global standards.

About StackAdapt: StackAdapt is the world’s largest native advertising demand-side platform. Accessing all largest native ad exchanges, StackAdapt powers brands and trading desks with content amplification through programmatic buying of native advertising.

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About AdZouk

In early 2011, a simple observation was made: the real time landscape, and the data surrounding it was ultimately transforming the way in which consumers behaved online, so why haven’t advertisers and publishers adapted to this change in the MENA region?

It was this observation that inspired Jamie, David, Mark and Guy, to create a vision for returning value back to advertisers and publishers – the “AdZouk” experience is driven by innovative and world leading technology that generates value with your data, rather than simply creating more of it!

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